Is Debt Settlement Worth It?

Learn the real facts of a debt settlement program: the pros, cons and final outcomes.

Is Debt Settlement Worth It?

Learn the real facts of a debt settlement program: the pros, cons and final outcomes.

Knowing The Facts

When debt is staring you in the face at every turn and continues to pile up, it’s hard not to grab the first solution offered you and hold on to it like a lifeboat. Well, popcorn, Netflix and ice cream may make you feel better for the moment, but it’s not going to get debt to go away.

Our debt settlement program can. With the help of our debt professionals, you can get rid of your financial woes and have the freedom to watch as many movies or House reruns you want—guilt free. It’s not escapism then; it’s entertainment.

But is it really that simple? And are there ramifications for debt settlement?

It’s simple: Four steps to financial freedom

Yes, it’s that simple. We’ve worked hard to make our process as easy as possible. All it takes is four steps, starting with a free, no obligation consultation. Once we find out if our debt settlement program is right for you, we negotiate with your creditors to get the best options for you. Your creditors stop charging penalties and you make a single monthly payment until you zero out your debt.

Is debt settlement worth it?

As with any debt relief option, there are ramifications. If you can afford to pay your debts—even if you have to talk to your creditors about financing, as in the case of medical bills—debt settlement may not be the best choice. In other cases, such as with overwhelming credit card debt, settlement may be an option. In short, debt settlement really depends on each financial situation, and should not always be a “first choice” option.

Our debt program is specifically tailored to people who are unable to pay their debts through conventional means. Debt settlement is worth it if:

  • You owe $10,000 or more in unpaid debt
  • You can’t afford the current minimum monthly payments
  • Your credit is suffering due to unpaid debt
  • You’re trying to avoid bankruptcy
  • Experiencing financial hardships, such as unemployment, medical expenses or a death in the family

There are eligibility standards, as well, such as the type of debt. For example, child support debts, car loans and mortgages are ineligible for debt settlement. However, major credit card bills, medical bills, department store cards and the like are excellent candidates for our debt settlement program.

Do you know if your debt is eligible for settlement? Don’t guess! Call today for a one-on-one consultation with a debt professional to see how we can help your unique financial situation.

Will not affect your credit score

Are there other debt relief options?

Debt relief is an umbrella for several options. However, if you’re looking at debt settlement, many of the other options have already passed or offer less favorable conditions.

By entering into our program, you benefit from years of experience in negotiating with creditors to get the best settlement for your financial situation. Our debt settlement consultants work to provide you with a lower pay-off amount you can afford, as well as the possibility of removing late penalties and better interest rates.

Will debt settlement affect your credit? Yes—but will eventually turn positive as you make payments to fulfill your financial obligations.

Get the important question answered!

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Will not affect your credit score