Are There Benefits to Debt Settlement?

When debt happens, we’re here to help.

Are There Benefits to Debt Settlement?

When debt happens, we’re here to help.

Can Debt Settlement Save You From Financial Ruin?

It’s happened to the best of us. You pay your bills as best you can. Some people have a little more leftover at the end of the month, some have a little less, but all in all, bills get paid.

Then the unexpected happens–loss of a job, medical bills, divorce, etc.

At this point, panic often sets in. You end up spending and borrowing more money than you were ever prepared for. Eventually, you come to realize that getting back on track on your own is nearly impossible.

This is where debt settlement can help, but it has its benefits and consequences. The question is, do the benefits of debt settlement work for you and outweigh the consequences.

Benefits of Debt Settlement

Debt settlement isn’t a magic wand. Like all debt relief solutions, it takes honest commitment from you to become and remain debt-free. However, if you can make it work for you, the benefits are many.

One single payment

One of the hardest parts of being in debt is juggling all the individual monthly payments. Debt settlement combines all of the multiple credit accounts into a single account with one affordable monthly program payment.

Experts on your side

When you enroll, you’ll have access to IAPDA-certified debt specialists with years of experience and relationships built with creditors. You’ll have a customized plan created just for your unique situation. Trust in us to help you achieve debt freedom!

Faster debt repayment

Many debt settlement agreements can be closed out within two to four years. You make regular program payments and our negotiators go to work settling your accounts for less than you originally owed. The result is each creditor is paid off faster than they would have been paid without our program.

Save money

It’s hard enough when you are struggling to get the bills paid, without high interest rates making it tougher. You make minimum monthly payments and the balances stay the same. Let us save you money by negotiating your balances down for you.  Imagine that you could start saving for what really matters like retirement, college tuition, or a new home.

Choosing Financial Freedom

If you are struggling to make minimum monthly payments and other DIY debt solutions have not helped, consider debt settlement. It may be the best option for you. Call 877-820-2954 to speak with one of our debt professionals today.

Why American Credit Card Solutions?

  • Honest approach
  • Will work within your budget
  • Experienced debt professionals working for you

Don’t let debt ruin your life.

Stop the madness! Take advantage of a proven debt settlement program with American Credit Card Solutions. There is no-cost or obligation to explore your options. Take that first step by requesting your Custom Debt Relief Plan with one of our experienced debt professionals.

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