Debt Resolution

For most consumers facing financial hardship compounded by significant debt, there are generally three options towards resolving their debt; seeking a Debt Resolution, enrolling in a Non-Profit Credit Counseling Type Program or filing for Personal Bankruptcy.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which method of debt resolution is best. And, depending upon your personal situation, certain methods may not be an option. Some of the factors that may determine your approach to debt resolution may include; the type of debt, the creditors, the amount of debt, your debt history, your ability to pay the debt, and the value of your assets and liabilities. Because of these many variables involved, it can be very helpful speaking with one of our Debt Specialists to help you select which method is best suited for your particular situation.

With your assistance, American Credit Card Solutions will analyze your financial profile. Then, we can offer various solutions, for example, to raise the funds necessary to settle your debt or, we can help you in creating a structured savings plan that can be applied towards resolving this debt. All things considered, a Debt Resolution program with American Credit Card Solutions may very well be the best option. In some instances, however, it may be determined that filing for Personal Bankruptcy may be the only viable option towards absolving you of your debt.

Please either fill out our NO-OBLIGATION online form or call one of our Debt Specialists to find out if our Debt Resolution Program is right for you!

American Credit Card Solutions's 5 STEPS to Successful Debt Resolution

  1. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We'll take a look at your total financial picture and help you determine which debt resolution options are right for you.
  2. Set up a single monthly payment. Once we've determined that Debt Resolution is right for you, we'll work with you to establish a single, affordable monthly payment. You'll make this monthly payment into an FDIC-insured special purpose account that you control.
  3. We negotiate with your creditors. After your special purpose account has grown to the point where we can make settlement offers to your creditors, we'll begin negotiations with them. Throughout the program, we'll give you progress reports so you're well-informed and up-to-date on how your account settlements are going.
  4. Your accounts are paid off. When we reach a settlement agreement with one of your creditors, we'll contact you to get your permission to pay off the new, lower amount. Payments to your creditors will be made out of your special purpose account, but we will never make a payment out of your account without your prior express authorization.
  5. Once an account is settled and closed, we'll ask your creditor to report your new zero balance to the credit rating bureaus. Your account will be officially identified as "settled", "settled in full", or "settled for less than the full amount", and you'll have successfully ended your relationship with that creditor.*

*Please note, American Credit Card Solutions is not a credit repair organization. We're not permitted to provide any advice relating to the improvement of your credit rating or credit score, and no information contained on the American Credit Card Solutions website or in any American Credit Card Solutions program materials should be interpreted as providing or implying such.